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Anyone under the age of 18 years, cannot legally get a Tattoo without parent or guardian written consent. Minors need a notary form and must bring a currant photo ID. Acceptable ID's are State or Government issued: School ID, Birth Cert, Driver's License or Permit, Passport, and Military ID

Click Here For Notary Form

Eternal Art warns all considering getting a tattoo:

If you have  any doubts about getting a tattoo, you are not ready.

If you are sun burned, wait until you are healed to get a tattoo.

Alcohol impairs judgment and can cause increased bleeding, don't drink before getting tattoo.

Don't get a tattoo on a dare.

Just because a tattoo is CHEAP doesn't mean it is GOOD

We invite you to come in and browse our portfolios and let us design your own custom tattoo. Appointments preferred, walk-ins welcome. All appointments must be made in person. All tattoo prices are based on the time it will take to complete it, not where it will be placed on your body.

*To schedule an appointment, we will need to know placement, size and if your tattoo will be in color or black and gray.


* Please note if you have a serious medical condition such as, Diabetes or Epilepsy you are required to get a Doctor's Release to be tattooed before scheduling. This also includes any skin conditions or blood disorders. If you schedule an appointment and fail to provide this information, you will lose your deposit.